Lobby MPs to make supermarkets put brakes on

I agree with the theme of the letter from John Hesketh (OLN, Oct 19) that there isn't a level playing field between what supermarkets sell and what is distributed to the off-licence/convenience/independent sector.

I would go further than saying it is an "unfair playing field" and state that it is anti-competitive practices that support the cartel position of the Big Four. The 18/20x44cl packs, the boxes of bottles, the 50cl spirits/liqueurs, the different packaging of products sold through supermarket channels seem


Why aren't these same products distributed through the whole free market? When

will the Federation of Small Businesses and other such organisations

pester MPs into doing something about this?

Also, the supermarket practice of selling alcohol as a loss leader in order to "generate footfall" or "increase average spends" is obscene.

We live in a country which is rapidly going down the toilet

with a complete breakdown of society and values, binge drinkers rampaging through town centres every weekend, obesity levels shooting up - especially among

the young -

yet supermarkets, which make billions of pounds in profit, flog off (and heavily push through advertising) booze at below cost .

Wakey, wakey MPs

- it's time to start kicking up a fuss, methinks. This is anti social and irresponsible trading, every bit as serious (if not more so) as under-age selling. Or of course, those in positions of autho rity can take the easy option: turn a blind eye and do nothing.

Attol Cook

Down The Hatch


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