Cobra sets sights on a top 10 position

Cobra Beer is focusing on its core brand, Cobra 5 per cent, for a marketing push, commercial director Nick Paget has said.

The company has been recruiting staff for its customer and trade marketing over the past few months. Its aim is to make Cobra one of the top 10 UK beers in the next two or three years, and to grow its turnover - currently increasing at 30 per cent a year - by 60 per cent a year.

"The business is very ambitious for growth, and we think we are in a great place to deliver some really good news and growth in quite a challenging environment," said Paget, who joined Cobra from Beam Global in August and heads a seven-strong trade marketing team.

Cobra is currently finalising a new marketing plan which may include more TV advertising.

The company's last major TV push, around Christmas 2006, boosted sales by 67 per cent, according to Paget.

"This time when we launch our above-the-line campaign we want to be really clear who the target consumer is . I'm not sure the marketing campaign before was quite as targeted as the one we launch this year will be," he said.

Cobra's main target is its current biggest consumer - men in their early 30s. The upcoming marketing initiative may include a packaging redesign, new pack sizes and multipacks.