MPs call for higher tax on superstrength lagers

Fifty MPs have signed an Early Day Motion calling on the government to curb the sale of superstrength lagers by taxing them at a higher rate.

The EDM, tabled by Battersea MP Martin Linton, last December, followed a campaign by homelessness charity Thames Reach to highlight the dangers cheap, superstrength lager and cider can have on the homeless.

Earlier this week, drinks retailers in Westminster revealed they had removed superstrength lagers and ciders from their shelves following a call from Westminster council to tackle street drinking.

Linton said one can of strong lager such as Carlsberg Special Brew, contained more alcohol units than recommended by the government in its guideline daily amounts.

He said: “If the government is advising people not to drink more than four units a day, then it shouldn’t encourage people to buy cans containing four and a half units. That completely undermines its own advice on safe, sensible and sociable drinking.”