How green are you going?

"We try and recycle everything because we have huge amounts of cardboard. It seems the more environmentally friendly you are, the more expensive it is. Like the cardboard boxes with your shop's details printed on them - we have ones which are 70% recyclable because the 100% recyclable boxes are more expensive. At the end of the day it's got to be cost effective."

Kay Soudah

Grape Passions, Little Braxted, Witham

"We stock over 20 wines from Devon and I would say we're the largest supplier in the south west of local wines. We also recycle all our boxes, so much so that we never have to buy any. We've never used carrier bags in the shop, and encourage customers to use boxes instead. Nobody even asks for carrier bags, they want to do their bit for the environment."

April Marks

Regency Wines, Sowton, Exeter

"I recycle my cardboard but that's about it. I'm in discussions with a friend of mine about supplying re-usable bags, rather than giving away free plastic bags, but I'm still looking at the costings. You have to make sure it doesn't cost too much."

Jim Dawson

The Jolly Vintner Too, Bournemouth, Dorset

"We use energy efficient light bulbs and make sure we only use electricity when we need it. The light bulbs don't blow as often and use a lot less energy than traditional ones, but

I haven't noticed many savings in my bills."

David Wood

The Wine Shop, Leek, Staffordshire