Banrock Station to launch eco marketing drive

Constellation wine brand Banrock Station will launch a new advert campaign designed to promote its environmental credentials next week.

A series of print and billboard adverts using the slogan “help the earth one glass at a time” will form the centrepiece of the campaign.

Banrock hopes to capitalise on its environmental work in a UK market where consumers are increasingly concerned with green issues.

“We haven’t done a great job in communicating our environmental credentials, and now we want to change that,” said brand manager Camilla Millward.

The group has funded conservation work on its own vineyard since being created in 1994, and has invested £2.3m in 70 projects around the world, it said.

Banrock is unlikely to charge an environmental premium for its wines, according to Millward, who added: “If you have two bottles of equal quality but one is more environmental, it gives you a reason to choose it.”

Banrock launched two wines, a shiraz 2006 and chardonnay 2007, in one-litre Tetra Pak cartons last November priced at £6.77. Figures for the first 14 weeks in Tesco show one in five shoppers came back for more. The group is hopeful of a Sainsbury’s listing by the end of the summer and also wants to expand in the convenience sector.