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Q I have been offered some beautiful old cigarette advertising posters. Is it legal for me to display them - they make improbable claims about smoking which are now outlawed.

A If the posters are advertising

brands that are still on the market, you'd clearly be breaking the law by displaying them. But if they're for defunct brands, it's hard to see how you'd be offending.

Giles, Swanley

A I have been proudly displaying vintage adverts telling customers that Guinness is good for them for many years, and as yet nobody has hauled me into jail. The Daily Mail hasn't written anything about me corrupting the morals of the nation, either, so as you can imagine I'm pretty chuffed.

GT, Herts

Q Am I allowed to post video footage of shoplifters on my website or does this infringe the "rights" of the thieves?

A Let me quote from the CCTV

Code of Practice published by from the Information Commissioner: "Disclosure of images from the CCTV system must also be controlled and consistent with the purpose for which the system was established. For example, if the system is established to help prevent and detect crime it will be appropriate to disclose images to law enforcement agencies where a crime needs to be investigated, but it would not be appropriate to disclose images of identifiable individuals to the media for entertainment purposes or place them on the internet. Images can be released to the media for identification purposes; this should not generally be done by anyone other than a law enforcement agency."

Hannah, Hampton

Q There are plenty of "man walks into a

bar"-type jokes. Anyone got any for off-licences?

Jock, Cambs

Q A colleague is writing tasting notes such as "great with a

box of chocs" or "try this with

curry" for wines that couldn't possibly go with that kind of food. Do I crush her spirit or let the notes stay put?

JP, northern England