Campaign offers drinking tips

Major retailers back campaign urging consumers to think about their drink

Majestic, Bargain Booze and Oddbins are among the major retailers getting behind a new responsible drinking initiative.

Over 12,000 outlets of the UK's biggest retailers will participate in the Know Your Drinks campaign, which has been developed by the Wine & Spirit Trade Association and the Drinkaware Trust to complement the government's ongoing Know Your Limits campaign on unit awareness.

Consumers will be provided with advice and guidance at

point of sale via stickers and posters

outlin ing the alcohol content of individual drinks. POS material will

provide tips

on how to drink alcohol in a non-harmful way, such as "a few soft drinks can help pace your evening" and "when you drink, have a bite to eat".

Shoppers will also be directed to

where they can access more information about units and how to enjoy alcohol responsibly.



minister Dawn Primarolo hailed the initiative as "a good example of industry taking responsibility for their sales and empowering the customer to make better choices".

WSTA chief executive Jeremy Beadles added: "This marks another step by the drinks industry to communicate the message on sensible drinking to consumers and encourage responsible behaviour. Alcoholic drinks are meant to be enjoyed and it's right that consumers should have helpful information and advice to hand."

Over Christmas, the campaign will include seasonal messages about alcohol to stop people overindulging.

Be more informed, says brewer SABMiller

Brewing giant SAB Miller has launched a website aimed at helping consumers make more informed choices about alcohol.

The site features information about beer , alongside advice on alcohol issues related to health, parenting, binge-drinking and drink-driving.

Talking also contains information on the alcohol content, cereal grains and carbohydrates found in more than 100 beer brands from around the world.

The brewer, whose brands include Peroni, Pilsner Urquell and Grolsch, said it had received positive feedback from within the medical community.

Dr Alfred Nugent, professor of medicine and epidemiology at Columbia University in the USA, said: "The content was very readable and relatively simple for a layman, yet not trivial."

Kirstin Wolfe, SAB Miller's head of alcohol policy, said: "We hope to encourage straightforward conversations about the health and social considerations of drinking alcohol and to remind adults to make responsible decisions if they drink."