Mule kick starts Smirnoff ads

Diageo is launching a £4 million

campaign for Smirnoff featuring

off-trade promotions and TV ads.


is teaming up with Schweppes mixers' brand owner Coca-Cola to promote new ways of drinking Smirnoff, beginning with a push on Moscow Mule cocktails.

Off-trade promotions will include POS material

with the strapline Mix an Extraordinary Moscow Mule at Home, and a value-added pack

with a 70cl bottle of Smirnoff, two free cans of Schweppes Canada Dry ginger ale and a cocktail guide.

There is also a coupon collarette

for independent retailers and convenience stores

offering shoppers 50p off a 1-litre bottle of Schweppes Canada Dry Ginger Ale when bought with a 1-litre bottle of

Smirnoff vodka.

A TV ad will be set in the Smirnoff Bros circus where trapeze artists mix Smirnoff Moscow Mule while performing acrobatics. This will be supported by press ads and Schweppes will also launch its own Moscow Mule outdoor advertising campaign.

Chris Lock, marketing manager for Smirnoff, said cross-selling the products could create more than £105 million profit for the two companies.

He said: " Positioning Smirnoff and Schweppes

as a co-dependent purchase


a convenient drinks solution, with all the ingredients required for a great-tasting drink in one package and location in store ."

According to

Lock, consumers don't know how to make cocktails at home and this campaign will give them the necessary know-how and

increase the public's repertoire of spirit and mixers.

The Moscow Mule is seen as a good drink to start the campaign

because it's easy to prepare and has just three simple ingredients: Smirnoff vodka in an ice-filled tall glass, topped with Schweppes Canada Dry ginger ale and a wedge of fresh lime.