Who covers the shop when you go on holiday?

"I don't go on holiday. It sounds rather pompous but we're a small specialist and a family business, so I prefer to close the shop for a few days. It's safer that way, and I always tack on extra days trading later in the year. The re will come a time when the business has been going long enough to get someone to cover."

Richard Ambridge

Grapes, Worthing



the covering for my boss. Although he rarely goes away for a long period, he prefers to have every Wednesday off. When I go to Rhodes in October he'll work my shifts."

John Bingham

Rutland Vintners

Oakham, Leicestershire

"We have enough staff to cover each other so we work it out between ourselves. I go away as often as I can - this year it's France in September and Italy in October. It's a great break from the office."

James Hopkins

The Wine Bureau, Harrogate

"My boss doesn't go away. He's only had one holiday in the three years I've worked here.

When you run your own business I suppose you care a lot about it and it's important to be there."

Tracey Springate

Satchells, King's Lynn , Norfolk

"We've got a small team so we make sure we don't all go on holiday at the same time. It's never a problem getting away, so long as we organise it in advance."

Andrew Nicholls

Vine Trail, Bristol