Hobgoblin gets smaller

Wychwood is moving into new territory for premium ale with the launch of 33cl bottles of its Hobgoblin beer.

The brewer, now part of Marston’s, says the first supplies of the smaller package will arrive on Tesco shelves by the end of the month.

Ale brewers normally favour 50cl bottles as they resemble the traditional pint measures favoured by ale lovers. But in recent times there has been a debate about whether the 50cl size is appropriate at a time when the industry is trying to recruit more female drinkers, and established ale consumers are regulating their intakes.

Sales director James Coyle said: “This will be a significant advance for the brand as the new bottle size will allow a fresh group of beer drinkers to discover Hobgoblin’s mischievous charms.

“The 50cl bottle size is used by over 95% of all British bottled beers, but the size discourages many existing beer drinkers from trying something new, and puts off many others from trialling the beer category.”