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Q Are there any biodynamic principles that could assist me

in the running of my shop?

A It is, frankly, hard to see what benefit manure, cow horns and c amomile will create. Perhaps keep the horn handy to use as a ceremonial bugle

to be played in celebration whenever a customer has been daft enough to be taken in by the spurious claims on the back label of a biodynamic wine.

Chris, Cheshire

A You could adopt some of the principles of eurhythmy while dealing with customers - communicating with expansive arm movements and a mixture of different vocal tones, while wearing a loose garment. Rudolf Steiner encouraged it and he was right about a lot of things!

Wendy, Oxford

Q Is it unprofessional for someone who works in a wine shop to wear perfume?

A It's all a question of degree. If you're not constantly doing tastings I'm sure customers appreciate a fragrant member of staff. What's

unprofessional is when someone asks you to appreciate the lychee aromas of a Gew ürztraminer they've just offered you and all you can detect is Joop.

Marie, Tenterden

A I wear after shave all the time in

my shop. It disguises the aroma

of mould.

BR, Finchley

A This is a particular bug bear of mine, not just in wine shops but any confined work space. Why inflict your chosen fragrance on

people who don't have a choice

Wine shops should smell of wood, alcohol fumes

and wine - nothing else.

Brian, London

Q In Lewes, East Sussex, retailers have launched a Lewes pound which can be used as a voucher in their shops. Do schemes like this really engender consumer loyalty

and extra sales?

Sam, Havant

A Is it worth joining my local Pubwatch?

Mark, Notts