New pear cider on the block

CWF has launched a pear cider which it says beat other products in consumer taste tests.

The Yorkshire-based producer, bottler and importer has released 5% abv Nectar's, targeted at 25 to 35-year-old drinkers and priced around £1.29 for a 50cl bottle.

Nectar's has a high pear juice content, which CWF said makes it score highly in aroma and flavour tests.

Marketing manager Vicky Lee said: "The cider category has been revitalised over recent years and has shed its traditional image of offering only strong tasting, poor quality and badly packaged products.

"With its lighter taste and 'over ice' concepts the category has broadened its appeal to include a growing number of female drinkers and those who will perhaps drink cider with a meal as an alternative to wine.

"At the same time, our research shows that pear ciders continue to appeal to the student population, who are looking for a good quality pear cider that their tight budgets can stretch to.

"Nectar’s trades perfectly on this popularity, and provides those in the on and off-trade with a real opportunity to achieve sales uplift and maximise profit potential."

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