In Brief

Jewell departs HwCg

Laura Jewell MW is the highest -profile casualty of a round of redundancies at HwCg. The former Sainsbury's buyer, who has been with the company for over three years, is one of four employees to lose their jobs in what the company described as a streamlining exercise. It blamed the move on "current economic conditions", adding: "We, like the rest of the trade, have been affected by the general economic downturn."

Majestic encourages reviews

Majestic is now allowing customers to submit online reviews of its wines, in the style of other websites such as Amazon, Lovefilm and IMDB. E-commerce director Richard Weaver said

Majestic wanted to encourage debate. He added: "It's among the more eclectic and less mainstream styles that some of our very best wines are found, but they are bound to divide opinion, and I'd hate to think that mixed reviews might deter someone from trying a wine they might love."

Rosé sales blooming

Rosé wine has replaced bag-in-box wine as one of 650 consumer goods analysed by the Office for National Statistics in its inflation calculations. Sales of rosé have boomed in recent years and its price will now contribute to the way the government determines the monthly Retail Price Index.

MP airs Tesco concerns

Lib Dem MP Greg Mulholland is worried that Tesco is targeting struggling pubs in its search for new store sites. He said the sites are attractive as they do not involve

licensing difficulties, but argues that priority should always be given to keeping the pub operational. An Early Day Motion expressing concern about Tesco's perceived strategy has attracted a small number of signatures.

Beer tax issue set straight

Treasury minister Angela Eagle has scotched the suggestion that draught and packaged beers could be taxed at two different levels, a measure which has the support of some MPs and pub trade leaders. She said: "Due to EU legislation the government is not able to give a different tax treatment to the same product. This makes it impossible for the government to tax the sale of alcohol in one place, such as a supermarket, differently to another, such as a pub."

ASA pulls Magners up on ad

The Advertising Standards Agency has ruled a Magners Light ad should be changed to avoid misleading consumers. The poster, which appeared on London buses, said: " Only 92 calories per bottle. Still 4.5%". The ASA said the ad implied the cider was low in

calories, but its calorie count went against regulations . Magner's ad agency said it would remove the word "only" from the ad.