Blossom Hill back on the small screen

Blossom Hill has launched a £2 million ad campaign that will see it return to TV screens after a two-year absence.

The campaign, which goes live today (August 14), is targeting women aged 25-44 and is expected to reach 75% of them over the year it is running.

The new ad will run in every commercial break in the evening of its launch day on Living, ITV2 and E4, as well as other commercial channels.

After that the campaign will run across all commercial terrestrial and major digital channels until September 24. The initial burst of ads will be followed by a second burst in March 2010. The campaign will also run on radio. It follows research by Blossom Hill into its core consumer group’s wine-drinking behaviour.

Liz Ashdown, marketing manager for Blossom Hill at Percy Fox, said: “The new campaign breaks the mould in wine market advertising. It transforms the brand from a collection of more product-led and rational benefits to establishing an insight-led and emotionally engaging platform that will build brand affinity and loyalty among our target audience.”