Cider firms gear up for summer

Two premium bottled cider brands are planning big changes in preparation for the peak summer sales period.

Merrydown cider has unveiled a new look, after research showed consumers weren’t clear what was inside the bottle, while rival Cider of Sweden is looking to build Kopparberg’s profile with a new £1.5 million marketing campaign.

Merrydown managing director Chris Carr told OLN research had shown the brand could be mistaken for port, sherry or Champagne.

“People thought it was a premium product because of the silver and gold on the packaging but it didn’t really tell them what was inside,” Carr added.

“Now we have got an image of apples on the label to give a cue.

“We’ve lessened the visibility of vintage as consumers didn’t really know what it meant.”

Cider of Sweden managing director Davin Nugent said Kopparberg’s investment was its biggest spend since it launched in 2006.

“We want to connect with consumers to ensure there is a longevity to the brand in a congested market,” he said.

Nugent said plans have yet to be finalised but advertising would cover several media channels.

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