Tesco Express warned after selling high-strength beer

Tesco has been forced to clear its shelves of high-strength beers, ciders and lagers at one of its newly opened Express outlets, and has been told it will be prosecuted if it reinstates them.

The supermarket giant gave Leicester City Council an undertaking late last year that it would not sell any product that contained an alcoholic strength of more than 5.5%, in return for permission to open the store close to the city’s railway station.

The company made the pledge after councillors and residents worried that a new

icensed shop would add to the area’s problems of drinking on the streets and rowdy behaviour.

But last week the Express store was caught selling Tennent’s Super lager at 9%

abv and Diamond White cider at 7.5% abv. The shop immediately removed the products from sale and has been spoken to by police.

Sergeant Sean Moore, Leicestershire’s licensing officer, said: “Tesco told us a mistake was made which has now been rectified. It has been told it will be prosecuted if this happens again. We would also look to review its licence.”?Tesco declined to comment.