Off-licence becomes polling station

A Hull off-licence is hoping for a bumper sales day on May 6 after being named as an official polling station.

Jackpot, a licensed convenience store and post office, will be one of the polling stations used by voters in Hull East to elect a successor to John Prescott, who is stepping down as the constituency’s MP.

Owner Sergi Singh expects up to 5,000 voters to pass through the doors of the shop to cast their votes. He was approached by the electoral commission looking for suitable sites to replace a Portakabin used in previous elections.

The store will remain open on polling day – although stacks of beer will have to be temporarily moved to make way for the officials and polling booths.

“We’re always looking for ideas to get customers through the door,” said Singh. “It will make the shop even more the hub of the local community than it is already.”

Singh refused to be drawn on how he might cast his vote come election day. “Now we are a polling station, we have to remain neutral,” he said.