No, we are up on wine sales by about 20% from this time last year. We’ve expanded the shop and after Threshers closed we made sure we had a better selection of wine in for customers. We have good deals and promotions, and listen to our customers and try to accommodate them if they ask for specific wines. I think we are in a good position at the moment.”?Zak Sarhan?Premier Groceries?Cardiff??“We’ve only been selling wine for the past 10 months but in the past six months people’s basket spend has been quietly dropping. I think it’s partly to do with the recession but things do get a bit quieter after Christmas and it’s normally not so busy around this time of year. I’m hoping things will pick up this month.”?Sadak Shahbdeen?Kandis Express?East Grinstead??“We’re a deli and have only really been pushing wines over the past 18 months – but we’ve noticed growth, not a dip in spending, over that time. I think a new market has opened up for us because the other off-licence chains that used to operate around us have gone now.”?Brian Wilson?Gillions?Liverpool??“It’s been a bit quiet this month – so hopefully this weekend will be busier after pay day. We’ve noticed people aren’t going for branded wine, instead, they’re just going for whatever is on offer so the three-for-£10 deals rather than quality wine. Last year more people would buy more expensive wines, so that’s changed.”?Paresh Vyas?JND Stores?Manchester??“I think things are quieter than last year. We really notice it when people get paid and we are busy for about a week to 10 days. But I think it’s noticeably quieter on all high streets this year. Everyone is struggling.”?Jay Tank?Asfordby Road Stores?Melton Mowbray