We don’t trade over the web. Mail-order beer is not really viable because of the cost of transportation. We’ve got plans to do a more contemporary site and make sure people know what draught beers we have on offer at any one time. We really want to use the website to get people on to our email list.”?Chris Brown?Bitter Virtue?Southampton??“We’re redoing ours at the moment so hopefully by the end of the summer it will be much better. We get a little bit of business from it but not a lot.”?Richard Ambridge?Grapes of Worthing?West Sussex ?“Mine is dreadful and needs updating. When I worked at Philglas & Swiggot people would look at the website before coming into the shop, checking the range and then deciding whether to make the effort. When I went to the SITT tasting, Handford Wines was talking about its website and saying it was easy money, really. I’m planning to relaunch mine in September and I’m scheduling in two mornings a week to update it because I know that’s how fast my stock changes.”?Charlotte Dean?Wined Up Here?Norbiton?Surrey??“We don’t actually sell over the internet at the moment but we’re looking into it. We do have enquiries from people, so that’s nice. Just having an online presence makes a difference. We’d like to spend a lot more time doing it. People who are selling online spend a lot of time updating their sites and it’s not an easy thing to do. I’ve talked to other independents and they say that online retailing does increase your business.”?Ann Hayes?Ann & Vin?Newark-on-Trent?Nottinghamshire