Diageo ads aim to woo drinkers to try African world beer

Diageo is to support its Windhoek Namibian lager with a £400,000 marketing investment, including cinema and print advertising, and sponsorship.

Activity will begin this month and is aimed at 25 to 45-year-old men.

A 30-second cinema ad will run nationally for two months from October, inviting consumers to Discover the Taste of Pure Namibian Adventure. A national press campaign will feature images of the Namibian wilderness.

Windhoek is also a sponsor of the Adventure Film Festival 2010, which showcases adventure movies at cinemas across the UK.

“Adventure ambassador” Riaan Manser is appearing at six cinemas to “share his passion for adventure”.

Richard Barlow, marketing manager for packaged beer at Diageo GB, said: “We are committed to building Windhoek into the first successful African world beer brand in Great Britain.

“In a short period of time, we have made significant progress in making the brand widely available to retailers and we’re now investing significantly to generate strong awareness among our target market with our new campaign.”