Glayva saves UK drinks cabinets

A survey conducted to launch a new Glayva marketing campaign has found there are over 100 million litres of forgotten alcohol sitting in the nation’s drinks cupboards.

The research is part of a six-figure campaign which calls for consumers to “save Britain’s drinks cabinets”.

The campaign urges them to clear out unwanted bottles and replace them with a new bottle of Glayva, which will be billed in ads as “the best liqueur in the world”.

Videos will appear on a Facebook page, and will be supported by national and regional print and radio activity, plus sampling in major cities, and a discount voucher offer for all major supermarkets.

The survey of 3,000 people found that 16% had never cleared their drinks cabinet out, and half hadn’t done so for four years or more.

An average of almost nine bottles per person are left abandoned in cupboards and 80% of them are almost full.

John Bradbury, off-trade sales director at brand owner Whyte & Mackay, said: “We’re planning a campaign that’s fresh, imaginative and gets across the best-in-the-world message in an original way.

“We’re putting more weight behind the brand than ever before, and by integrating social media properly with our traditional media, sampling and off-trade discounts we’ll resonate with our existing drinkers as well as new, younger customers.”