New bottle unites Heineken

Heineken has announced a global roll-out of a new bottle to make the brand “more consistent and recognisable” in its 170 markets and create greater efficiencies in the supply chain.

A statement said the new bottle will come in five different SKUs and will hit UK shelves at the beginning of 2011.

The repackaged bottle will replace the extra-long neck and the short neck and comes in two versions: standard and embossed. The green colour has been “enriched” and the red star emblem has been raised above the logo.

Mark van Iterson, design and concept manager, said: “We believe that with one recognisable bottle the global Heineken brand will be further strengthened. With uniformity comes even greater impact.

“We have looked at every packaging detail to ensure our consumers feel a subtle but significant difference. Consumer response has been excellent. They see the new design as modern and appealing.”?The statement said the bottle “reinforces the visual identity packaging that is already in use on cans and glasses introduced at the beginning of 2010”.

It claimed the new packaging introduced “sensory elements”, such as embossments, strategically placed indents and tactile ink, offering consumers aesthetic improvements.

Heineken said the embossed can design was the first of its kind to feature tactile ink. The ink is created by small raised dots on the surface of the can, to “give the consumer a better feeling in the hand, enhanced grip and allow the brand to appear more refreshing and recognisable”.