Five wine trends to expect in 2022

close up of a bunch of purple grapes in a person's hands

Caroline Thompson-Hill, regional managing director, Europe, Accolade Wines, makes her predictions for next year:

1. Premiumisation will continue. Consumers became more engaged and exploratory during lockdown – expect the traditional premium origins to grow but also New World premium to take centre stage as Brexit and supply issues impact France, in particular.

2. Bag-in-box/wine-on-tap formats will continue to grow. They provide a great solution for consumers who are hosting friends and want to make it easier to purchase larger volumes – and make it easier to serve. We’re seeing more branded and better-quality options and some bag-in-boxes allow wine to stay fresh for up to six weeks – perfect for mid-week single glass occasions.

3. New consumers who entered the category last year tended to be younger and less affluent. It’s important to continue to appeal to this demographic – fruit flavours and sparkling options appeal to this group, especially at celebratory and social occasions.

4. Economic pressures will continue. The balance between value and trading-up options in ranging will remain a key factor.

5. There is a continuing trend for mindful drinking. From a health perspective – with an increase in demand for low/no offerings – to sustainability, consumers are looking for products that have less of an impact on our planet.

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