Distilled Brands launches indie retailer-focused trade store

screenshot of Trade Store website

Spirits distributor Distilled Brands has launched an online trade store, as it looks to offer independent retailers low minimum order quantities.

The company, which carries brands including Burning Barn rum and Enso Japanese whisky, said the service will allow retailers to access a range of brands without the “burden of ordering greater volumes of stock than they can usually store”.

Head of sales and brand development Gary Hazell told Drinks Retailing that few companies service the needs of the independent retailer when it comes to supplying them with something different.

“With many artisanal and craft brands out there, it is hard for them to get their brands to market in a cost-effective way,” he said of the producers. “Similarly, independent retailers also find it hard to take in new brands when sometimes the minimum order quantities are five cases or more. What we have set out to do is make accessibility to market easier for everyone, by consolidating stock movements.”

The company also fulfils direct-to-consumer web orders for several brands.

Hazell said the post lockdown market has changed. “We are offering, we believe, a unique service to help brands get to market and for retailers to get access to brands where they reduce the risk of taking on brands which simply don’t rotate - they can buy a mixed case to try out - we don’t think we could make it any simpler than that.”

Hazell also said the service aims to help start-up brands that are trying to access the trade.  

“For us as a brand agency, we found too many hurdles when trying to get new brands listed, where some wholesalers became ‘gate keepers’ to the success of brands getting to market or not - we believe our offer gives brands a clear chance.”

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