The Drinks Trust partners with Equal Measures in diversity and inclusion initiative

Trade charity The Drinks Trust has announced a partnership with Equal Measures – an organisation dedicated to helping create opportunities in the drinks industry for ethnic minorities and marginalised groups.

The partnership will offer educational courses and mentoring to individuals, as well as supporting businesses to improve their internal practices.

Equal Measures founder Deano Moncrieffe, who co-owns London’s Hacha Bar, said the two organisations have a shared vision of “how we can support individuals, groups, communities and companies who understand the importance of diversity, inclusion and equality in our industry”.

Equal Measures also counts Hannah Lanfear, founder of The Mixing Class, as its education and project partner. She added: “A key tenet of The Mixing Class is our belief that education should be used for the power of good.

“Working with the Drinks Trust gives us a fantastic opportunity to widen the scope and ability of this grass roots project, generating positive change and an enduring sense of community, the country over.”

The Equal Measures Education and Mentorship Programme is available to anyone who works in the cocktail and spirits industry. Participants will be given the opportunity to take relevant courses, such as WSET Spirits Level 2 & Level 3, delivered by The Mixing Class. They will also be mentored by an industry figure. The programme will take 30 candidates from around the UK per quarter.  

Next year, Equal Measures will also launch an Outreach Programme to bring young people from marginalised communities into the cocktail and spirits trade, as well as a series of Community Days.

For businesses who want to better their internal practices when it comes to diversity and inclusion, Equal Measures also offers a range of advice and support.

“We are excited to be launching the partnership with Equal Measures to deliver this ongoing initiative which will enable our industry to diversify, and to be more representative of the people it serves in order to benefit from the value that a more diverse workforce provides,” added The Drinks Trust CEO Ross Carter. “Now is the time to act as an industry and we would call on all businesses to support this initiative through funding and participation.”

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