BrewDog ads banned over ‘solid gold’ claim

The Advertising Standards Authority has banned a series of social media posts from BrewDog over misleading language.

The ASA said today that the ads, which made reference to ‘solid gold’ cans, must not appear again. The reference was in conjunction with a prize giveaway promoted on Twitter and Facebook. The posts stated that 10 “solid gold Punk IPA cans” were hidden in multipacks for consumers to find and the "solid gold" statement was repeated in a Hazy Jane campaign. Another post made reference to “24-carat”. However, the cans were not solid gold and the ASA received 25 complaints.

According to the ASA, BrewDog said the cans were gold plated, and their social media posts which contained the words “solid gold” did so in error.

The brewer told the ASA that it amended the Facebook posts as soon as the error was noticed. However, they explained they were unable to amend Tweets and therefore rather than delete them, they ensured that subsequent Tweets dropped the word “solid”, and all references thereafter were to “gold cans”.

The ASA said the promotion must not appear again in this form.

“We told BrewDog plc not to state or imply that consumers would receive a solid gold can when that was not the case. We also told them to conduct their promotions equitably and fairly, and to avoid causing unnecessary disappointment,” the ASA said.

By way of an apology to consumers, BrewDog has today launched a ‘Gold-plated apology’ campaign (pictured above), which gives drinkers a chance to win a “diamond-encrusted gold-plated Punk IPA can, or £25,000 cash”.

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