Vocation rebrands to highlight beer personalities

West Yorkshire craft brewer Vocation has rebranded its entire beer range.

The Hebden Bridge-based brewer said the move was designed to bring more personality to the range and better reflect the individual character of each beer inside its cans.

The Vocation name has been made more prominent to encourage trial across the range.

Vocation chief executive John Hickling said: “As a brewery we have quietly gone about our business since 2015 in a beer-focused way, not making a big noise or banging the drum.

“What started out as my vocation soon evolved to be the vocation of our small but dedicated team who all have a real pride in the beers that we produce.

“We’re now growing at 65% year-on-year and have a wide and varied core range as well as producing specials and seasonals.

“Our flagship Life & Death beer is now one of the best-selling beers in the craft aisle, representing around 30% of our production, yet people don’t know about us.

“The rebrand is about the maturity and growing confidence of the brand, to shout a little louder and make sure everyone knows about Vocation.

“It’s simply about wanting to get better beer to more people.”  

Managing director Rick Stenson added: “For us, it is all about the beer.

“To honour our beers we want the best clothes we can buy them. We want them to look as good as possible because we care so much about them.

“It’s also important to us to keep the designs fresh and interesting, to best reflect what’s inside, and to keep us at the forefront of the craft beer market. The liquid inside remains the same, we’ve just treated them to a new outfit.

“We’re stronger now in the supermarkets now than we have ever been, which is testament to our hard-working team and the first-rate beers we produce.

"The big focus for us now is to turn to the on-trade as it starts to recover and open up snd respond to the demand for craft beer in pubs and restaurants.

"Over the last 18 months we have gained an extremely strong online following through our web sales. We have also gained significant inroads with our export market, with our beers now available in 50 countries.”

Vocation has 13 beers in its core range including the US-style IPA Life & Death, the hop-forward New England pale Divide & Conquer and the session IPA Heart & Soul.

The new-look packaging was designed by branding agency Robot Food.

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