Kinsbrook Vineyard releases first still and sparkling roses

Kinsbrook Vineyard, which lies just outside West Chiltington, Sussex, has released four new wines - three of which are from their 2020 vintage - including the wine producer’s first ever still and sparkling rose wines.

KIN Précoce, Kinsbrook’s first still rose wine, was made with 100% Pinot Noir Précoce. In the winery, the fruit was crushed and destemmed and given a few hours to macerate which lent the wine its deep blush tint as well as infusing it with vibrant flavour.

Its sparkling counterpart, Beckett's Rose 2016, enjoys hints of wild strawberries, lavender, and redcurrant sherbet. Thomas á Becket rose bushes are planted at the end of every row in the vineyard, populating the site with bold pink blooms. At Kinsbrook they were cultivated by ‘borrowing’ cuttings from the family’s garden nearby – and so the name of the first sparkling rosé wine was inspired by Joe Beckett’s mother’s roses. A limited number of Beckett’s Rose 2016 magnums are also available. 

The family-owned and run vineyard, founded in 2014, has also a Bacchus and Pinot Gris made in the heart of the Sussex countryside.

The KIN Bacchus 2020 is described as "an unadulterated example of the grape’s floral expression when it’s grown in England’s cool climate". The fruit was whole-bunch pressed and clarified in steel tanks to intensify its distinctive elderflower and acacia blossom aromas. Mouth-tingling acidity is offset by high natural sugars and subtle vanilla bean on the nose. 

Meanwhile the KIN Pinot Gris is "an honest and colourful expression of England’s grape-growing potential". Direct in acidity while possessing a mouth-coating richness, the first vintage of this wine sold out in six months. Precise winemaking techniques were used to spotlight its ‘luxe’ orange peel and white peach aromas and it can be enjoyed with almost anything. 

“2020 was a remarkable year, the year of Covid-19 and the year the world stopped,” says Joe Beckett, who, at 28, is the youngest vineyard owner in the country. “In the vineyard, we faced extreme weather patterns including three nights of May frost and a 22-degree mid-summer temperature drop. The harvest came in beautifully ripe with small, intense berries. The resulting wine is packed full of character. 2020 will undoubtedly be remembered for its chaos and hardship; however, the wine from this vintage might just be some of the best ever produced in this country.”