New look for Innis & Gunn’s bottled beers

Scottish brewer Innis & Gunn has unveiled a new look for its Originals range of bottled beers.

The redesign covers The Original, Irish Whiskey Cask and Caribbean Rum Cask, a new name for the Blood Red Sky beer.

The move includes the introduction of clear glass to allow each beer’s colour to be seen by purchasers, and the addition of a four-pack of 33cl bottles.

The new bottles will start to appear on-shelf this month.

Founder and master brewer Dougal Gunn Sharp said: “Our new look Originals range, led by our flagship beer The Original, is another step forward for Innis & Gunn.

“We have big ambitions and this packaging update supports our growth strategy, especially as we look to roll out in England, bringing our premium beers to new drinkers.

“There is no change to the beers themselves in terms of taste or the methods we use to brew them.

“Our drinkers love our beers and Innis & Gunn performs well around the world, so there is absolutely no need to change their recipes.

“We believe this rebrand simply brings our packaging in line with the quality of beer within the bottle. The new look is standout both in its design and its confidence.

“We are clearly showing the different liquid colours of our beers, better describing their provenance and our innovative brewing methods, and we are sure this will be welcomed by current and new drinkers alike.”

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