Beyond Wines launches Liquid Diamond for social media fans

Beyond Wines has launched a “first for the wine industry” with a new wine launch that focused on the social media savvy 18-35 year-old market.

Liquid Diamond has been created by two of the senior team who helped bring the I Heart wine brand to the mainstream consumer.

Alex Green and Matt Johnson founded Beyond Wines in 2020 and Liquid Diamond is their first “pillar brand”.

Green said: “We know that most shoppers buy first with their eyes, and that they openly don’t know (and don’t want to know) much about wine. They expect it to taste great and because that is a prerequisite on supermarket shelves, they want it to look stunning too.”

Johnson said: “Our extensive market research told us that our consumers are happy to spend a premium but in return they want to be ‘wowed’ by the packaging, expect to drink well and that they also demand products that help them make their purchase decision.”

Liquid Diamond does not have traditional back labels, instead it gives taste tips in a language designed to appeal to the target consumer.

Green said: “This is not at all about dumbing down but it is about understanding what is important to our consumer. Using our own emoji language gives the reader the instant recognition of what the wine tastes and feels like, so that they can feel confident in their purchase decision and even impart that knowledge to their friends and family.”

Johnson added: “Using Emoji might seem bold but with the vast majority of sales going through supermarkets, and with 95% of the consumers who buy in the channel with little to no wine knowledge, this helps us break down the long held-up, industry led, barrier to the very people we are selling to.”

The brand will initially launch with six products starting with a Prosecco DOC and Prosecco Rose this month, priced at £12 a bottle. A Sauvignon Blanc and Pale Rose will follow later in the year (RRP: £10 for 75cl and £3 for 18.7cl). Other products are already in the pipeline.

All will feature on Amazon and and the Prosecco Rose and Sauvignon Blanc will launch nationally in McColl’s stores from this month.

An Instagram and social campaign will feature heavily in the marketing brands for the brand with a big emphasis on customer engagement, generated by brand collaborations and influencer activity.

Sarah Turner, brand manager, said: “Our aim is to have the best-in-class social media presence in wine. We want to create a strong reach, engaging with our audience, and focusing on them. Using our channels to tell our customers’ stories and follow them on their journeys, as well as our own.”

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