Master of Malt reports surge in flavoured rum sales in September

Master of Malt has revealed volume sales of spiced and flavoured rums soared by almost 170% for September 2020, compared with the same month in 2019.

In its latest report the online retailer confirmed rum is outpacing gin with continued interest in spiced and flavoured variants.

Looking at Lockdown 2.0 the retailer said, while it is still early days, it has seen “somewhat distinct” purchasing patterns, and these are different to those seen in the first lockdown.

It said: “Firstly, we’re not seeing such a significant trend towards more entry-level, or lower-priced products. Beer hasn’t quite come to the fore like before. But whisky is having a moment. Initial indicators suggest the category’s volumes have soared by a third compared to the days immediately before we are were told to stay at home.

The report said: “Could new customers from the last lockdown be trading up? Or are we all just going with treat-yourself vibes now we can’t go out. Either way, whisky is a winner.”

Within whisk(e)y the retailer said bourbon is leading the search trends.

It said: “One pattern we have noticed for a while is how popular bourbon is compared to other whisky categories, even here in the UK.

“According to Google Trends, recent weeks have seen a sizeable uptick in search volumes for ‘Scotch whisky’ and ‘Japanese whisky’ while ‘Irish whisky’ has registered a decline. But ahead by a country mile are searches for ‘bourbon’, Why the gulf, and why the increasing popularity? It’s tricky to pin down, but a trend we will be watching with interest, nonetheless.”

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