Ireland’s Five Farms cream liqueur in UK push

Ireland’s McCormick Distilling is giving a formal launch to its Five Farms cream liqueur in the UK.

The brand is already in limited distribution, with listings including Harrods and Master of Malt, but the company, which also owns the Tequila Rose strawberry cream liqueur and Broker’s gin, is aiming to replicate the success it has seen for the brand in its domestic market and the US.

Five Farms is named after the family-owned properties in County Cork that supply the cream that is mixed with Irish whiskey to make the liqueur.

McCormick says the brand contains 10 times the whiskey content of most rivals in the category to give it a more intense flavour.

Five Farms co-founder Johnny Harte said: “I wanted to make a high quality, premium liqueur, but I wanted to go back to the land, back to where cream liqueurs were created in Ireland a long time ago.

“The conditions in County Cork made it ideal. There is a micro-climate there, as it is where the North Atlantic Drift or Gulf Stream first meets the Irish coastline.

“That means in Ireland it’s where most grass is grown for the longest part of the year and the cows can stay on the grass for longer, too.

“Milk and cream lustre comes from the grass the cows eat.

“Five Farms is the only cream liqueur in the world that comes from cows fed exclusively on grass.

“I also wanted to go back to the origins of Irish cream and use the most Irish whiskey in the drink, as that no longer happens elsewhere.

“The result is a truly robust Irish cream that people will taste the difference in when they try it.

“It celebrates the culture of farming in Ireland, the dedication of the farmers and that’s why we called it Five Farms.”

Five Farms has an rrp of £30 and is available through distributor Indie Brands.