Halewood extends Vestal into flavoured vodka

Halewood Wines & Spirits is tapping into an anticipated “significant growth” across all vodka categories with the launch of its first flavours for Vestal Vodka.

The two flavours - Black Cherry and Raspberry & Blackcurrant – are macerated in Vestal’s 2015 vintage and are based on traditional Polish fruit-based vodkas known as ‘Nalewka’.

The flavours are described as being “not overly sweet”, and they are free from additives and considered to be “‘accessible and easy to mix”, making them perfect for mainstream vodka drinkers.

Vodka remains in growth in the UK and, while unflavoured vodka continues to dominate, the flavoured sector is growing significantly faster - and is predicted to double in size in the major multiple supermarkets within a year, according to Nielsen data.

Halewood, which took a major stake in Vestal earlier this year, said it believes such growth will be reflected both across the independents and the on-trade.

Halewood already has “significant success” in flavoured gins with Whitley Neil and JJ Whitley and it believes it can replicate this success in vodka using Vestal.

All Vestal’s vodkas start life in the harvesting of young potatoes grown in the soil of Kaszebe in northern Poland – an area famed for its rich, mineral-laden land.

Distilled in small batches, the resultant vodka is then carefully blended with all-natural fruit juices to create the two flavours.

The 70cl bottles of Vestal Black Cherry and Vestal Raspberry & Blackcurrant will be priced at £22.00.

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