BrewDog Distilling launches hard seltzer range

BrewDog Distilling has now officially launched its Clean & Press hard seltzers.

The 5% abv drinks, available in three flavours: Cactus & Lime, Crushed Black Cherry, and White Peach & Mango, have 90 calories each and zero sugar.

The producer said the drinks offer “an upgrade” on the current hard seltzer category because they are made with “exceptional quality spirit”, using its Rogue Wave Vodka, which has been distilled from grain to glass at the producer’s distillery in Aberdeen.

James Watt, co-founder of BrewDog, said: “Rather than being fermented like other seltzers, our Clean & Press hard seltzer is quite simply sparkling Scottish water spiked with our exceptional single malt vodka, Rogue Wave.

“With Clean & Press we’re continuing to be uncompromising on flavour and quality, ideal for people wanting a lighter drink that still delivers attitude.”

The cans are priced £2.50 each and they are also available in six of 12-can packs via

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