Off-trade records highest level of value growth since stockpiling weeks

The off-trade recorded the highest level of value sales growth in the week ending June 20, 2020, according to Nielsen data.

Sales soared by 53% compared to the same week in 2019, with an additional £173 million of value from alcohol sales for the week.

Gemma Cooper, Nielsen’s senior commercial business partner, said: "Off trade value sales soared this week to +53%, which is the highest level of growth seen since the pre-lockdown stockpiling week back in March.

“We have a couple of drivers. We had a later Father’s Day this year versus last year, which will have some phasing implications but this will have inevitably had an impact on sales across the off-trade in terms of gifting, but also the increase of at home celebrations versus out-of-home.

“A total of 72% of this week's growth came through from the grocery stores, and every element within the off-trade saw value growth in grocery as shoppers continued to shop in the grocery channel for their alcohol offerings.

“Next week’s data will capture the heatwave we had last week; we know hot weather is a booster for the off-trade, let’s see if we report strong figures as we have seen in recent weeks."

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