Waitrose prepares for "record-breaking" demand for rosé

Waitrose is predicting record-breaking demand for rosé wines over the next few weeks.

With temperatures set to break the 30C mark for the first time this year, the retailer believes rosé wines will enjoy its biggest week ever, with sales predicted to rise 100% compared to the same time last year.

Sales of beers and cider are also expected to surge by 50%.

Rebecca Hull MW, Waitrose Rosé Wine Buyer, says "We closely monitor the weather as a rise in temperature of even just a few degrees will see a change in what our customers are shopping for. We are anticipating a rush on rosé this week as the weather is set to warm up and bottles of fizz are making their way into ice buckets across the country."

In May this year The retailer recorded a record week for sales of rosé wine and said premium wines have been driving the growth in sales. 

Pink wine sales were up 40% for the last week of May, and this represented the fastest growing product category for the chain. 

Hull said sales of Provence remained strong but it had also seen a big interest in pink wines from Spain and Italy. It recently added a new Italian rose range, with seven new additions. 

Hull said: “Our rosé range has always included a lot of French wines due to the fact they are masterful at making flavourful pink wine.

“Our customers particularly love that sophisticated, slightly herbal style that they do so well in Provence.

“We know our customers also really enjoy Italian wine so it seemed to me that there was a lot of untapped potential to introduce some Italian flair and flavour to the rosé fixture.

"Italy has so many amazing indigenous varieties, all with their own flavour personality, I thought we should give some of those lesser known varieties a platform to shine.”

Waitrose also noted searches for Pimms on Waitrose.com are up by 175% and demand for ice cubes and trays at John Lewis is up 60% compared to the same week last year.

Sales of barbecues at John Lewis have spiked 61% as the nation prepares for a scorcher, and barbecue meat is also being grabbed from the shelves in Waitrose with sales up more than 60%.