Haig Club extends into RTDs

Haig Club, the single grain Scotch whisky produced in partnership with David Beckham, is now available in a pre-mixed RTD canned format for the first time.

The RTD format has two variants: Haig Club Clubman mixed with Root Ginger Ale & Lime; and Haig Club Clubman mixed with Crafted Cola.

DJ Hageman, Haig Club’s global brand director, said: “At Haig Club, our mission has always been to make our own rules and redefine the whisky offering. In summer it is all about refreshing-tasting, accessible drinks that can be enjoyed both inside and outside, so we are excited to add our new innovative range of Ready to Drink cans to the Scotch Whisky family.”

David Beckham, Haig Club’s global business partner, said: “We always like to push boundaries and try new things and it is exciting that we are continuing to innovate with Haig Club. These pre-mixed drinks are convenience and taste great and are arriving in stores just in time for summer. I love the new cans and I can’t wait to see what people think.”

The 33cl cans are available in Tesco stores, priced at £2 each.

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