May ends with alcohol sales up 63% via impulse channel

The impulse channel continues to record strong growth in BWS with sales up 63% for the week over the late May bank holiday weekend compared to the same week in 2019, according to the latest data.

The figures for the week ending May 23, 2020 show an increase in sales in convenience stores for a wide range of drinks categories, according to Nielsen data.

The week reflects the period when lockdown measures started to ease and social gatherings – in small numbers and at a distance – commenced from this date. The period also coincided with the bank holiday weekend and sunny weather, which may reflect the fact that even Champagne saw a boost in sales through the impulse channel.

Gemma Cooper, senior commercial business partner, Nielsen, said: "Though we see the start of the bank holiday captured here, the off-trade experienced only slight growth vs last week (+34%).

“Comparing this to the early May Bank holiday, sales were slower. This said, there were still a few segments that saw visibly stronger growth this week compared to previous week like Beer (+52% vs +36%), Cider (+55% vs +33%).

“Impulse continues to be the channel experiencing strong growth (+63%) with all categories of the off-trade in growth this week, including Champagne!

“The continual drive for local and smaller stores formats becomes an important part of shopper store choice. Though total off-trade growth may not have been as strong as the early May bank holiday in percentage terms, it is worth noting that in the week to bank holiday Saturday (May 23, 2020) we spent £18.8million on alcohol which was more than we spent in the week to the early May bank holiday Saturday (May 9, 2020) which was £18.6million.

“All in all strong numbers to report across the off-trade this May"