New canned wine brand gears up for Tesco launch

A new wine company, which has secured an investment from former Formula 1 driver David Coulthard, has teamed up with Origin Wines to launch a canned wine brand into Tesco stores this month.

Hun, which has three variants, is aimed at a younger wine drinker. The range includes a pale Rosé, Sauvignon Blanc and a low-calorie sparkling Rosé with just 69 calories per can.

The brand, which has a tagline of “Great Wine in a Can”, is the brainchild of “millennial wine enthusiast” Mark Woollard, who said he enjoyed the convenience and environmental benefits of cans but couldn’t find the same range of quality and taste associated with the bottled wines.

The company teamed up with South African wine producer, Origin Wines, to supply the product from the Stellenbosch region, which is then canned in the UK. Proceeds from every case go towards supporting The Origin Wine Fairhills Fairtrade project, which is one of the largest Fairtrade wine projects worldwide.

Hun, which will be available in 481 Tesco stores, will be the only canned wine on the market that is both vegan and fairtrade, according to the company. The cans also offer “an infinitely recyclable packaging solution” for environmentally-conscious consumers.

The launch will be supported by advertising from agency TBWA, which focuses around a tongue-in-cheek campaign at a time when everyone is self-isolating at home. It includes outdoor adverts, which will feature across London with lines such as “Look everybody! We’ve just launched a new wine. Anybody? Anybody? Anybody?” and “You’ve taken up running? Must be bad. Still try running an advertising campaign that only you’re going to see”.

Hun has a group of drinks industry leaders on its board of directors including former Brewdog chief executive and Red Bull UK managing director Andy Shaw; Waitrose executive director James Bailey; Owain Walbyoff, former managing director EndemolShine global licensing division and chief marketing officer Red Bull Racing F1, Dominik Mitsch. It has also received financial investment from the former Formula 1 driver-turned-presenter David Couthard.

Woolard, co-founder, said: “We never expected to be launching in the midst of a global pandemic and while many might think it's crazy to launch a new business in the current climate, our brand aims to build a community based around supporting and entertaining, so what better time to put these values into practise?

“With HUN we wanted to create a brand that celebrates everything that is great about the millennial values. From embracing diversity, engaging with climate change and championing self-expression and community, Hun is designed with the conscious consumer in min”.

“It’s strange to say it, but we hope as few people as possible see the outdoor campaign and that everyone continues to observe the vital self-distancing rules and what better way to self-isolate than with your own can of wine for one."

Coulthard said: “The canned wine market is growing exponentially and we are excited to take the category to an exciting new place with the launch of Hun. Not only is it the UK’s first vegan and fairtrade canned wine, we have worked with one of industry’s most respected importers, Origin Wines, to create a product that also tastes great.

“There is still a lot of snobbery around wine in a can and with Hun we hope to shake up the industry and prove that canned wine can be just as good - if not better - than bottled wine”.

The 12.5% abv Hun Wines SA Pale Rosé 2019 and the Hun Wines SA Sauvignon Blanc 2019 are priced £3 for a 25cl can, and the 5.5% abv Hun Wines SA Sparkling Rosé 2019 is £2.50 for a 25cl can.

Hun is available to pre-order from from May 4 and it will be available nationwide from May 25 in Tesco stores and online.