South Africa bans wine exports during lockdown

South Africa is no longer allowing the export of wine while in Covid-19 lockdown, a move which is reported to be due to the fear of alcohol piracy. 

At a press conference the country’s traditional affairs minister, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, said: “The only alcohol that is allowed to be transported is the one that is used for commercial purposes, for our sanitiser and related issues but liquor that we drink is not allowed to be exported in the same way - it is not allowed to be sold.”

The changes contradict the rules set nine days ago by transport minister Fikile Mbuala, who said wine could be exported around the world during the coronavirus crisis. 

A statement from Wines of South Africa said: “As an industry task team, we are deeply disappointed and shocked at this sudden change of direction, following extensive lobbying with various government agencies to relax lockdown measures pertaining to the export and sale of alcohol.

“The livelihood and long-term future of our industry is in grave danger and therefore we will explore all avenues in this regard, We endeavour to keep all our members informed as further information becomes available and implore each and every one of you to adhere to the newly-imposed measures.”

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