Ménage à Trois Midnight breaches Portman Group code

A red wine brand called Ménage à Trois Midnight has breached the Portman Group code for linking alcohol to sexual success.

Trinchero Family Estates produces the Californian red blend, made up of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petite Sirah and Petit Verdot.

It pledges to help consumers “satisfy your deepest desires” after “turning out the lights and savouring the pleasures of the dark”.

Ménage à Trois Midnight has gained a listing at Asda along with some smaller retailers across the UK.

The Portman Group recently introduced the sixth edition of the Code of Practice and commissioned Zenith Global to carry out an audit of 500 products, which were randomly selected from the market.

Zenith Global was concerned that Ménage à Trois Midnight might breach of the Code of Practice.

The Portman Group reviewed the brand and decided that the name in conjunction with the description on the label linked the brand to sex.  

It upheld the complaint and urged the producer to remove the sexualised text on the bottle.

Jenny Watson, chair of the Portman Group’s Independent Complaints Panel, said: “In this case, the Panel urged the producer to avoid linking the sexual meaning of the name to the product and remove the text description on the bottle which did this.

“The Panel’s decision is a reminder to all producers that care must be taken when marketing a product to ensure that it does not draw direct links between the product and sexual activity.”

In a statement, Trinchero Family Estates said: “Although we do not agree with the Panel’s interpretation under the Code, we respect the Panel’s view and will undertake to revise the label to remove the mentioned references.”