Majestic reports "record-breaking" low and no-alcohol sales for January

Majestic has reported “record-breaking” sales of low and no-alcohol beers and wines this January, up 312% and 52% respectively against the same month in 2019.

The retailer said it also saw strong signs that many of its customers were consciously making efforts to lower their alcohol intake, rather than cut it out entirely.

It said alcohol-free categories did understandably well throughout Dry January but the move towards moderation also helped boost sales for other sectors.

One of the key regions to benefit looks to be German, where an appreciation for crisp white wine styles and lower strengths is leading to a renaissance, according to Majestic. The retailer said sales of wines from the region in the sub-8% abv sector grew by 22% in January.

Commenting on the figures, Majestic chief executive, John Colley, said: “The way many of us consume alcohol is changing.

“There is a definite sense that customers want to drink better and understand what they’re consuming. They want to explore and appreciate what’s in their glass, and the alcohol content is incidental. It’s now essential we have an offering for everyone; whether you’re looking to cut back, drink better or go booze-free altogether.”

Majestic also revealed it has seen an increase in sales around the Try January message, which is a movement within the wine industry to encourage consumers to branch out into more esoteric or unusual grapes or regions. The highlights included an increase in sales for Alsace (up 23%), Sherry (up 18%) and rose from across Europe (excluding France) up 58%.

Colley said: “Wine is now the UK’s most popular drink and that, alongside a trend for drinking less but better, can make this a really exciting next chapter for the industry. It is a trend which we are certainly looking to embrace at Majestic. Taking that consumer-lead movement and finding ways to introduce our customers to a whole new world of wines, it is an exciting challenge we can’t wait to meet!”

The figures quoted compared volume sales for January 2020 against the same period in 2019 through Majestic stores.

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