Gin fatigue sees consumers turn to rum at Booths

Booths has revealed that gin’s sharp upward sales curve has finally started to peter out and rum is now leading the growth in the spirits category.

Buyer Peter Newton told DRN: “Gin peaked last year. We are starting to see a bit of gin fatigue and we are starting to see growth in rum now. It’s small compared to gin in sales, but we can see it growing. Spiced rum is doing especially well.”

Local spirits are also becoming a lot more important to the northern retailer’s range. “Of the 350 spirits we stock, 50 are now local to the county we trade in,” said Newton.

The retailer’s Keswick store is just a 10-minute drive from the Lakes Distillery, and Booths managed to secure 500 bottles of its single malt first release, The Whiskymaker’s Reserve No 1. 

There were only 6,000 bottles released, so securing 500 bottles was a real coup for Booths. 

Newton is impressed with the complexity and depth the distilling team at Lakes has managed to achieve with a malt whisky that is only around four years old. 

“This is the style of whisky you can expect to see from Lakes over the coming years,” he said. “This is probably about four years old. To have that complexity and depth at four years is impressive. 

“It does 96 hours of fermentation to create this really fruity base spirit, which is twice as long as most, and then it does a really slow distillation.

“The master distiller is ex-Macallan. You can see the influence. You can see what it has worked towards. It’s really exciting for us, being a northern retailer.

“Spirit of Yorkshire is also releasing a whisky this month. Local spirits have really grown and it makes such a change in the spirits market.”

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