Flavoured gin has brought new shoppers, occasions and serves to gin, data shows

Flavoured gin and gin liqueurs have brought in “a new and unique shopper base”; a group which otherwise would not have bought into regular gin, according to Kantar data.

Flavoured gin has a younger demographic with 55% of consumers aged under 35. Kantar's latest data also showed that these consumers buy for different reasons.

Tom Mallett, consumer insights director for Kantar’s alcohol team, said: “We measure it by tempo, so our data shows 51% of flavoured gin consumers look for medium to high tempo occasions, while for regular gin this tempo accounts for 41%.

"Flavoured gin shoppers buy these products “to have a laugh and to be with friends”, whereas regular gin consumers say they buy gin “to wind down or to be with family”.”

The growth of flavoured gin – which is up 300% in the year to May 2019, according to Kantar – has also helped add a new serve to the overall gin category.

Mallett said: “For flavoured gin the preferred serve is with lemonade, while for regular gin it is with tonic.

“Other drinks struggle for years to introduce new serves and to attract new people into the category. Look at whisky and cola for example. But flavoured gin and lemonade has taken just a few years, and this new serve is helping to attract new consumers.

“As a result flavoured gin is bringing younger consumers into the category and now gin is the most popular spirit. It will soon overtake Prosecco in terms of the number of households buying it.”

The data also showed the average spend per household for gin shoppers has risen to £95 per year on gin, compared to £85 five years ago. 

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