Bimber Distillery launches Oolong tea gin

Bimber Distillery has launched the UK’s “first handpicked Oolong tea gin”.

Do Hong Pao Gin is made from rare organic Oolong tea, which is semi-fermented and heavily oxidised, from the cliffs of Wuyi Mountain in China.

Master distiller and co-founder, Darius Plazewski, said: “It yields a golden yellow liquid that produces a pleasant long lasting aftertaste. It is also renowned for its nourishing medicinal properties, just like gin.

“I infuse the gin and tea leaves for one week to ensure maximum flavour extraction, before being filtered and bottled at a high-strength of 51.8% abv.

The bottle is designed by co-founder Ewelina Chruszczyk, and it takes inspiration from an old pharmacy style brown bottle and bear a label representing Chinese traditions of herbal remedies.

Da Hong Pao Gin (rsp: £38.75) is described as a “versatile and rich spirit, with supreme proveance and ingredients”, which Plazewski said is “an earthy, floral, richly coloured gin with a sweet taste profile”.

The newcomer is available directly from Bimber’s website, The Whisky Exchange and Speciality Drinks. 

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