Angostura launches summer Pink Gin Cocktail campaign

Angostura has launched a summer campaign to highlight the role of aromatic bitters in the Pink Gin Cocktail.

The producer, which has created aromatic bitters since 1824, is working alongside a selection of gin brands this summer starting with World Gin Day on June 8.

The company said the Pink Gin Cocktail is a “simple, yet potent drink, which is traditionally a mixture of Angostura aromatic bitters with gin, and modern variations include adding tonic, Prosecco or summer berries”.

The activity will be supported on social media, particularly on Angostura’s Instagram account, where Pink Gin Serves will be highlighted.

The cocktail dates back to the early 1800s when shop surgeons used gin to dispense tropical diseases. In 1824 Dr Siegert created Angostura aromatic bitters as a healing elixir for soldiers fighting in Venezuela.

In 1848 a Royal ship surgeon added a few dashes of these bitters to a jigger of gin to alleviate complaints of seasickness and by 1850 the bitters were being exported to England, across the Caribbean and in the USA, which coincided with the rise of cocktail culture. 

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