A "wine-lovers beer" launches in Ocado this month

Good Living Brew Company is launching “a wine-lovers beer” in Ocado later this month.

The beer, Binary Botanical, is described as having a “tangy Prosecco-like taste”, and it was created by a team of women with many years of experience in the brewing industry. The team wanted to create an alcoholic beverage which didn't have the traditional bitter taste of beer and this led to the creation of Binary Botanical, which was launched last summer in the on-trade and was later trialled in Harvey Nichols. The Ocado launch marks its first major off-trade listing.

Co-founder and head brewer, Danielle Bekker, said: “We set out to create a new style of beer which would appeal to wine-lovers and people who think they don’t like beer. After months of development we have crafted a sophisticated lighter beer which is perfect with food and a great low alcohol cocktail mixer. We’re delighted to see Binary launch in Ocado this month making it available to more consumers across the UK in time for the summer. We hope people love Binary Botanical as much as we do!”

While most beers are brewed using hop cones, binary botanical is infused for five days with organic leaves from Sovereign and First Gold hop bines, the name given to the stems of the hop plant. And while hops impart a bitterness, hop bine leaves add a unique flavour that combines "the refreshment of an ice cold beer with the tropical notes of a crisp Sauvignon Blanc, the soft effervescence and tanginess of Prosecco, and finally something verdant and herbal that’s reminiscent of gin and tonic".

Louis Bedwell, Ocado’s Grocery Accelerator Buyer, said: "We are delighted to support Binary's first national retail listing and have no doubt it will be hit with consumers through the summer months. Binary is a fantastic new product that blurs the lines between beer and wine. Binary offers a new product for consumers driven by health and wellness and seeking out no and low alcohol beer, and others who are drink less but better and making premium purchases.”

The 4% abv Binary is described as being “perfect for pairing with food or for mixing with cocktails”. The sugar and gluten-free vegan beer is available in 22cl and 66cl bottles and it has 95 calories per 25cl. 

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