Cellar Trends adds raft of brands to tap into growth sectors in drinks

Cellar Trends is launching two non-alcoholic brands in order to tap into this “seemingly unstoppable” consumer trend.  The company also has a number of other launches and line extensions in the pipeline.

The first of its non-alcohol brands is Fluere, described as being “filled with botanicals to provide a complex yet balanced taste”. These are individually distilled in a copper pot still using hydrosteam distillation.

The second launch is Cosmopolitan Diva, a fruit fusion sparkling non-alcoholic drink. The core range under this brand includes Peach, Berry and Melon at 5.5% abv, as well as a new non-alcoholic version created from grape juice at 46 calories per serve, and targeting a predominantly female audience.

Geoff Watts, managing director, said: “The non-alcoholic segment is one that has taken the industry by surprise and seems unstoppable as consumer trends continue to fuel its growth. The category has seen an additional 620,000 shoppers this year and has a predicted growth rate of 81.1% from 2018 to 2022.”

The company also has new products to tap into the continued popularity of the gin category.

Watts said: “The gin category continues its meteoric rise, retaining its position as the fastest growing sector within spirits and boasting a value that has doubled over the last two years to over £2.1 billion. As a result customers now demand a range of gins, so Cellar Trends has added a new and disruptive brand to the existing portfolio.”

The new gin is Mcqueen and Violet Fog, which is the latest brand to be released from Sovereign brands. The gin is handcrafted in Brazil, and it is “like no gin on Earth”, distilled with 21 botanicals gathered from all over the world, including six signature botanicals including Basil and Acai.

Cellar Trends is also adding premium rums – Bumbu XO, Pusser’s 15 year-old and Bayou Single Barrel – to its portfolio. It also now has a trio of Muyu Liqueurs, made with natural ingredients.

Watts said: “We are delighted to be adding this range of brands to our portfolio for the coming year. The drinks industry has been a hive of innovation in recent years and these brands will all play their part in pushing the sector forwards.”

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