Sainsbury's adds an aperitif to its alcohol-free line up

A new contender in the alcohol-free spirits and liqueurs category has already secured a listing with Sainsbury’s.

Everleaf is a non-alcoholic aperitif, which is made from 18 different plants, all of which are sustainably sourced. The drink is designed to be mixed with soda water or tonic to create a refreshing spritz drink. It can also work as a base for cocktails or sipped neat over ice.

The drink is the brainchild of bartender and conservation biologist, Paul Mathew. He said: “In Everleaf, I wanted to make an exceptional non-alcoholic products firstly to give people more choice when they don’t necessarily want to drink, but also to reflect the concept of sustainability – sustainable consumption as well as ingredients that are responsibly sourced. The fact Sainsbury’s has got behind us as a small, bartender-owned brand is testament to the growing desire for credible, non-alcoholic alternatives.”

Mathew spent a year researching and sourcing plants, dehydrating samples, macerating and extracting to perfect Everleaf’s recipe and flavours, while ensuring the ingredients are sourced ethically and sustainably. The ingredients include vanilla and saffron for richness, gentian and iris for bitterness and earthy warmth, plus vetiver and orange blossom for freshness and vibrancy.

Everleaf also contains voodoo lily (konjac), which gives it a “silky mouthfeel”.

Everleaf is priced at £18 in Sainsbury’s for a 50cl bottle.