VandeStreek's alcohol-free Playground IPA joins Morgenrot

Morgenrot, the specialist beer importer, has added a non-alcoholic variant from Dutch craft brewer, vandeStreek Brouwerij, to its portfolio.

Playground IPA is brewed using five types of American hops, including Mosaic, Citra and Cascade.

Morgenrot’s commercial director, John Critchley, said: “There is a huge opportunity in the UK market for flavour-rich non-alcoholic craft beers and with more and more consumers switching to low-alcohol options we have been on the lookout for a unique brand to fill this void. The Netherlands has been developing a fantastic reputation in the craft beer world and the vandeStreek Brouweij has been at the heart of this. Their Playground IPA is an incredible low alcohol beer – capturing the essence of a classic IPA without sacrificing the flavour. It tastes great, looks great and I believe will be a big hit with discerning UK craft ale drinkers, whether they want alcohol or not.”

Roland Van De Streek, co-founder of the vandeStreek Brouwerij, said: “We are thrilled to launch our Non-Alcoholic Playground IPA into the UK through Morgenrot and can’t wait to get things cracking in Dry January. With consumers around the world enjoying the hop-forward IPA style, we are confident our Playground IPA can stand alongside and compete with the best low/no alcohol beers in the category.”

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